Exploring the Fascinating Bond Between Humans, Animals and the Planet

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, UN Messenger of Peace and Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute, is one of the most respected and accomplished members of the international scientific community. She has contributed immeasurably to our understanding of animal behaviours and the importance of compassion for all species. She has inspired countless citizens to make a difference in our world, and she’s coming to Calgary to continue her efforts to inspire global change.

Join Dr. Jane Goodall in Calgary on April 8th, 2015 as she takes us on a Journey Beyond The Jungle! Presented by Vets To Go, this extraordinary evening offers a unique look into the lives of the animals with whom we share the world. Explore the relationship between humans, animals and our planet, and learn how small changes can make a big impact on our world. Each of us can get involved and make a difference, and you’ll learn how at this special event.

The Experience


After more than 50 years of studying animals and the environment, Dr. Jane Goodall will share what she’s learned, share powerful and humorous stories, and outline what needs to be done in order to elevate the quality of life for animals around the world.


You’ll enjoy fun activities, browse a silent auction benefiting local animal rescue organizations, learn about the impact that the Jane Goodall Institute has globally, and discover groups in our community that make life better for animals here in Alberta.

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